Originally launched under the brand banner of CinéFrance, CinéFile has broaded its scope from a purely French accent to encompass challenging cinema from around the globe. The company, based in Scotland but working around the UK and Ireland , has had the valuable experience of releasing widely different titles ranging from classic thriller, costume drama, youthful escapism, family comedy, to documentary and short films. In each case the title has received what has been described as the “boutique” rather than a “supermarket” approach.

This ethos ensures personal attention and input. Rights acquired normally have included theatrical and also terrestial and satellite television, video and DVD and Video on Demand.

The team behind CinéFile have collective skills honed over many years that embrace exhibition, festivals, distribution, accountancy, multi-media expertise, technology as well as public relations and journalism. They are: Allison Gardner, Ilona Morison, and Richard Mowe, all of whom live and work in Scotland.

Serge Le Péron, who is a member of the Société des Réalisateurs (the French Directors’s Guild), believes that “such initiatives are crucial in preserving Europe’s film industries.”

Gareth Evans, writing in the London listings magazine Time Out, commended CinéFile’s approach and suggested that “Specialist set-ups offer something the majors can’t”

Cinema exhibitors in towns and cities from Manchester, Inverness, London, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Bristol, to as far afield as Cork and Dublin have expressed their enthusiasm, confidence, and interest in the company’s continuing development.